About the Chapter

If the Susquehanna River Valley Chapter’s territory were a wheel, the hub would be considered Williamsport, but our scope of operation extends well beyond, reaching areas such as Mansfield (N), Berwick (E), Selinsgrove (S), and Mill Hall (W). For a copy of our non-profit IRS 501c3, please use the contact page to request one. For a copy of our chapter’s charter by the national organization, click here.


We embrace and strive to further the mission of the Ruffed Grouse Society to preserve the longstanding conservation ethic of our north central Pennsylvania region by creating healthy forests for ruffed grouse and American woodcock and a large variety of other game and non-game wildlife through scientifically proven forest management practices. Our chapter strives to be the catalyst in habitat improvements made on regional public lands as well as increased opportunities for youth and new hunters to experience the outdoors.

Some very import funds we work to raise are for Pennsylvania’s Drummer Fund, funds earmarked by RGS for habitat projects across the state. These funds are often times matched or subsidized by state agencies and philanthropic companies and can also receive additional grant funding available to help projects like these. A raised Drummer Fund dollar is often much more than a dollar when it goes into the ground!

All mission and membership aspects are maintained and processed through the Society’s national headquarters in Coraopolis, Pa. The Susquehanna River Valley Chapter serves as “the boots on the ground” in the north central region of Pennsylvania. Please consider joining RGS/AWS today at www.ruffedgrousesoicety.org.